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Cashless Catering

School Meal Payments Made Easy

The eSchoolMeals online payment system helps catering companies and school meal providers offer cashless catering solutions to primary schools in the UK.

Our school ePayment system enables caterers to manage school meal payments efficiently. It also offers parents and carers of primary school children a convenient way to choose, book and pay school meals online.

To avoid sending children to school with money to pay for their meals, and the plans to stop the use of cheque books, many schools are considering the move towards cashless catering systems. Our secure payment facility offers easy school meals payment and a number of benefits for schools, school meal providers and parents alike.

Cashless catering for schools can:

  • Ensure that a parent's money is definately spent on their child's school meals
  • Prevent problems that may be caused by children carrying cash to school
  • Significantly reduce the administrative burden of school meal management
  • Help maintain confidentiality for children that are entitled to free school meals

Find out how eSchoolMeals can help your catering company offer cashless catering to schools that you provide meals for, and the benefits that you can then pass on to parents and carers.

Catering Companies and Schools School Catering Companies
Our online booking and school payment system helps to reduce the administrative burden faced by school catering companies and can assist primary schools with a move towards cashless catering. As a school catering company using our service you will be able to display helpful information about your service here on and take online payments for school meals that you provide....Read More
Parents and Carers Parents / Carers ...
If you are a parent or carer of a child attending primary school, cashless catering and the opportunity to pay for school meals online can mean an end to fumbling around for coins each week, no more queuing to make payments (a great time saver if you are a busy parent) and a very quick way to pay if it has slipped your mind. ...Read More

Like other facilities available for making school meal payments online, our service is designed to simplify a broad spectrum of the difficulties associated with school meal administration.

We believe that our system is more efficient and cost effective than some of our competitors and one of the advantages we have over other cashless catering systems is the lack of expensive technology within the dining area such as card readers and finger print recognition systems.